The Basement

The Basement is a forum/forum group featured on both School Survival Forums and Glorious Supreme SS Forums. It's purpose is to hold posts that would generally be considered useless and to provide a place for users who are banned or "dwelled" to the basement.


Both versions of The Basement feature the sub-forum called Random. Random is used mostly for throw-away posts and weirdness. Due to the abilty to post whatever you want, it is one of the most popular parts of the forums. People will often post things in Random which would fit in other parts of the site, but are just too lazy to post anywhere else.

Fag/Frag ArenaEdit

The Frag Arena is used for fights and to dis other members. It could also be considered the opposite of Appreciation/Awesomeness. Many topics in the Frag Arena are titled with "ATTN:," (meaning ATTENTION) and a user's name (I.E. ATTN:FAGIX). Arguments which take place in other parts of the forums will often be moved to the Frag Arena as a split. It should be noted that the arena often changes it's name to the 'Fag Arena'.

Basement DwellersEdit

Basement Dwellers are members who have either been temporarly or permanately banned to the Basement. Here is a list of current Basement Dwellers:


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