Silent Cynic is a member of SD/SS who was once named Sharpie before he got bored of that name and changed it. He originally joined SS on 11-01-2011 and accumulated about 1,000 posts before SoulRiser shut the fourms down. He then migrated to the SS 2.0 forums where he was among the first registered members. Lunatic made him an admin after he offered to help out with the construction of the new forums; he is still an admin today, and is the best one of all (besides lunatic, of course). He hates ArabiaMad with a passion and is patiently awaiting the day he can permaban him.

Silent Cynic currently resides in Michigan, but was born in Russia in 1996. He dislikes school and most school staff, believing that he won't ever use the majority of the things he learns in school and also holds the belief that school should teach useful things that apply to the every day life of the average person, rather than things one MIGHT use on occasion. He doesn't believe that the school system will be changed significantly any time soon, as from his point of view schools are progressively getting worse every year.

Silent has a very introverted personality and dislikes most of humanity as a whole. He only has a few very close friends and doesn't talk very much when getting to know someone new until he really gets to know them. It's difficult to gain his trust and easy to lose it, but he's very loyal to his friends and will do favors for them when asked without expecting something in return. He always feels the need to return the favor when people do things for him, and doing something significant for him will result in him willing to do almost anything for you.

Silent Cynic got his new username from combining his two most prominent personality traits; being quiet due to his introverted personality and his cynical outlook on life. He views himself as a little bit of an asshole and doesn't care about other people unless they're close friends or family. He's somewhat selfish and his life goal is the pursuit of his own happiness and the happiness of his family and close friends.

Other random trivial facts:

His favorite SD member is Lunatic

He doesn't like spending money and puts most of the money he earns directly into savings

He has a dog, she's kinda fat and awesome.

He plans to move to Dallas, TX, once he graduates high school

He frequently thinks that anything he posts on the internet is too long, including this wiki page.

He thinks that people who edit his wiki page are cis scum