Lunatic is the creator of Glorious Supreme website, a member of the website, and a SUPER CLASS A HAX0R!!1. He joined the website in mid 200

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9, and he became known for his technical knowledge and interests in death metal and other related fringe music scenes. After SoulRiser deleted the files for posting from the school survival forums, Lunatic took the initiative and created his own forums after some discussion in the blog post following SoulRiser's forums going down.

Lunatic's current avatar was the logo for the Malkavian clan from the White Wolf Game Studios, who are supposedly cursed with insanity. They're a vampire clan, and that's totally not like the gay vampires from Twilight. It's a broken mirror, which also isn't gay, at all.

But he is still a faggot (although 99% transsexual) and a virgin, just like bulgvar, the bulgarian racist dork who originally typed this. Also a sharmuta. Wear your abayah motherfucker

He loves Unix (except for Macs) and makes love to Linux and BSD all the time.