Bulgvar; also known as bulgvar666 or bulgarianlion was a member of School Survival and is currently a m

Bulgvar's avatar at SD

ember of Glorious Supreme SS forums. He is often referred to as a troll, however this is up to interpretation because he's just a faggot.

Short bioEdit

Bulgvar was born on 18 March, 1999, in Bulgaria. His father is from Syria, which apparently makes him a half-sandnigger.

He likes fast food and boza. He listens to rock and most forms of metal. Also, no one gives a shit.

History at SSEdit

He first registered in January 2012 but quickly left the forum. He came back in February and didn't shitpost for a while until he got in flamewar with Sociopath; He was absent for a month and got back on SS only to realize that SoulRiser shut down the forums.

Upon learning this, he joined the new Glorious Supreme SS forums and stopped his shitposting.

Scat and pissEdit

Bulgvar posted about shit and piss a lot on the old SS forums. In fact, more than 90% of his posts were such. He's a gay shit-lover who strives to eat everyone's shit.


"I shit in your coffee" - to Sapphire Flames in a flamewar

"Baron loves me because I love to piss in his butthole" - to Baron; That was Desu's signature on old SS

"I hope weed gives you pernament diarrhea" - to Elfy

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